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    In Progress
    Bell Park, Victoria
  • Victorian Croatian Aged Care Services

    Construction of a part single and two storey residential aged care facility containing 100 beds with 33 onsite car parking spaces. The ground level is to accommodate 60 aged care beds configured around 3 internal courtyards with separate dining, lounge, staff rooms, amenities areas, kitchen, storage and residential amenities areas including café, hairdresser, cinema and library. Access to the upper level will be provided by a series of stairs and lifts. The first floor will accommodate 40 aged care beds, separate dining and lounge area and voids associated with the two front ground level courtyards. Plant & equipment areas are to be provided to the roof areas to the north and west. Access to the subject site will be via a single crossover to Barton Street with a total of 33 car parking spaces provided in an on-grade car parking area to the front of the building.  An undercover drop off point is also to be provided to the front of the building.