• Sector
    Greensborough, Victoria
    Primary Health
  • Greensborough Medical Centre

    Greensborough Private required extensive additions and alterations to house a new super clinic within their existing three-level building. On the lower ground floor, a 24-space carpark was made alongside an ambulance bay, with a lift lobby providing easy access to the rest of the building. The ground floor contained a radiology department for X-Rays and CT scans, an IVF lab and clinic, and a day surgery with two operating theatres. Furthermore, the first floor housed the counterpart to the ground floor, with the MRI sector of the radiology department, and a general medical centre covering all the bases including a dentistry, a physio therapist, a chemist and a general practitioners treatment centre. The project was largely contained, adhering to the limits of the existing space, yet adding to it with a brand new façade and roof, along with a fully-fitted greenery area in the subfloor section.

    • New operating theatre
    • New inpatient wards
    • New IVF lab & clinic