• Sector
    Frankston, Victoria
    Department of Health and Human Services
  • Prevention and Recovery Care Sevices (PARCS)

    The prevention and recovery care (PARC) centre is designed to rehabilitate people of all ages, and allows for stays as long as 28 days. The building is configured to meet the specific needs of each and every resident at any given time. Each stay room housed an ensuite built bespoke dependant on the type of occupant. The building contained an array of communal facilities including double kitchens with lounge, TV, dining and multipurpose activity rooms. Scattered throughout were administration sections including multiple meeting and consulting rooms. The extensive variety of sections within PARC facilitated the delivery of every service and program intended. In addition to the Frankston project, we have also completed PARCS in: Preston Ringwood Broadmeadows Clayton Dandenong