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    Kilmore, Victoria
    Assumption College
  • Assumption College

    Originally built in the 19th century, Assumption College’s Shandon House and Cloister Wing were in need of a complete restoration and re-development. In order to return Shandon House back to its original state, CICG were originally tasked with demolishing the numerous additions built over the years, and then initiate refurbishments throughout the building, restoring its original form. It’s counterpart, Cloister Wing required a complete refurbishment. CICG constructed two new entry points at both the south and the north east, along with a Careers Courtyard. Furthermore, to link Shandon House and the Cloister Wing, a new main entry and double height gallery was constructed, including new stairs, full-height glass glazing and complete lift access throughout.

    • Heritage listed building & facade
    • Installation of feature staircase within foyer
    • Link & infill between new and existing buildings