• Sector
    Camberwell, Victoria
    Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar
  • Stratchona Baptist Girls Grammar School

    Tasked with constructing an entirely new learning centre for Strathcona Girls School, CICG begun the job with two elaborate demolitions. At first, the existing 2-storey Spicer build, then the western wing of the 3-storey Hopkins building. To ensure the school could maintain as much of its curriculum as possible whilst the new learning centre was constructed, CICG completely refurbished what remained of the Hopkins building as a matter of priority. Following the demolitions and subsequent refurbishment, CICG built an entire new space, spanning approximately 3,200m2 over 3 levels, in the middle of the school campus. Along with this, connecting access through to the existing and refurbished Hopkins Wing, and the existing Aquatic centre to the south was constructed for ease of travel through the campus.